Another memorable family vacation is in the books. 20 hours of flights, running through airports and waiting in line at immigrations yesterday but we got home on time last night and we are back to the real world.  Thanks for following.


Last Stop – Florence

We are on our last stop in Italy and fitting in lots of can’t-miss stops before we leave tomorrow (yikes!).  We visited Michalsngelo’s David, climbed to the top of the Duomo, spent most of our souvenir money at the San Lorenzo Market, and stopped into some more churches and piazzas we passed along the way. Today we still have two more can’t-miss stops and a little more souvenir money to spend before packing up and heading home. – Meghan


No trip to Florence is complete without seeing Michelangelo’s David. A truly spectacular piece of art. Getting ready for our last day in Italy then tomorrow off to the airport. It’s been a fantastic 2 weeks